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Generally more straight grained, with a fine even texture, pale yellow to reddish brown. It is available in both Select and Rustic /Knotty Alder to complete any decor. It looks beautiful with a clear finish, stained, or painted.


Extremely stable and exceptionally beautiful: it is one of North America’s finest cabinet woods. Fine grain, smooth texture and in colors from reddish brown to deep red heartwood, it’s available in both Select and Rustic. Although often stained a dark red-toned color in years gone by, cherry in its natural state with a clear finish is much paler and less red than you may think.


Typically a dense hard wood with a straight grain and a pail white to golden yellow color, it is also available in curly, wavy, or birds-eye – from reddish brown heartwood to white sap woods Maple is so dense that it is often used on dance floors and bowling alleys. It does not typically accept stain well, but is beautiful with clear or tinted varnish.


The most common is Red Oak with a course texture and pinkish red color. The most common variety in North America can grow a foot a year! White Oak is also available with a moderately course texture and light tan with a yellowish tint. Because of its open pores, is accepts stained very well. When painted, the grain telegraphs through. Other options in Oak are Quarter Sawn and Straight Grain, which is a milling technique that eliminates most of the course texture and provides a more straight even textured look.


Another wood prized for its great beauty and good working characteristics, it has been used since Colonial times for fine furniture and cabinetry. A tough wood of medium density and medium course texture, it generally has a straight grain ranging from dark brown to purplish black. It accepts stain especially well.

Painted Cabinetry

Typically we use a combination of Alder & Poplar woods with an MDF center panels or you can choose Paint Grade Maples If you are wanting a distressed painted finish, we recommend using either Select or Rustic Alder.

All of the wood species above are grown in the U.S.A. and Canada, making all of them “Green” choices.

Other slightly less common wood species are Mahogany (Center and South American), Beech (Europe and West Asia). and Fir {USA, Europe and Canada}.